The impact of the last few months

Unfortunately, like all businesses, we have been faced with price increases across the board over the last 6 months, from packaging & logistics to fuel, printing & vino, no part of our business has been immune.


Up until now, we have absorbed each of these increases in the (possibly naïve) hope each increase would be the last one, however with the further news of more increases coming our way over the coming weeks, we have been left with no choice but to increase our prices.

Our small business has seen an almost 20% increase in costs & while these nominal increase will not negate these increases it will help offset some of them.


Our new business has seen a pretty incredible change in the market from where we were just 18 months ago & from launching during the longest two-week lockdown anyone could have foreseen to where we are today.

We are delighted with our progress to date and as we grew so too did the range of unique wines were able to bring in, some of which we exclusively import.


We have done our best to adjust, learn & adapt to each market change from the day that we dispatched our first Box of Wine.

This marginal increase will allow us to continue to import, track down & expand our unique wine offering & gift range.


These increases will come into effect from the 28th of April for new customers & current customer prices will increase from the 15th of May.


This is not a decision that we’ve taken lightly and is very much a last resort.


Our hope is that after the world stabilises, we will be able to revert back to our normal prices.


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