Get to know the team behind Box of Wine -

Get to know the team behind Box of Wine

Hi there,


My name is Neil, I’ve been working in wine for the last decade, I’ve always believed there’s a way to be in this business without being snooty and pretentious while learning through tasting.

My business partners are Conor Duggan, a childhood friend who has been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember (he always won the business competitions when we were 12 and it drove me nuts), and Conor Mulligan, the guy who keeps the trains running on time. When we’re going off on a tangent or getting side tracked, Conor brings us back down to Earth and makes sure all of you actually get what you paid for!

All three of us worked in hospitality in different capacity’s, an industry that was decimated overnight by COVID, together we saw a use for our combined 30+ years in hospitality, to get out of the house and back to work, all while bringing joy to people through the magic of vino.


Our mission is to bring the cool, interesting and classic wines to every house that will let us. Our quiz (that you’ve hopefully taken by now) allows us to tailor boxes to your taste. While what we do is not an exact science, the monthly feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

All we ask from you is that you keep an open mind. We, in Ireland, are pretty set in our ways but it’s time to change that when it comes to wine. “I don’t like Chardonnay”? Take a chance with us & try this unoaked Chardonnay from the south of France that will knock your socks off!


I will be writing a blog once a week from now on but it will be a little different than the wine blogs you’ve read before. I’ve called it cutting through the grapevine because I’ll be trying to make it just a little bit easier to detour around the snobbery and make wine more accessible for the everyday wine drinker.

Mostly, my plan is to help you get the most out of the experience of tasting wines whether that’s shopping for the right wines for you or finding the wine to pair with your favourite meal.


Hopefully you enjoy exploring the world of wine and learn a few things along the way.


Kind regards and drink up!



Chief Wine Drinker 


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My family gave me a 3 month subscription as a Christmas present and I’m now in month 2 and this is a wonderful experience. Got my second 3 box (2 red 1 white) this week and I’m down to 1 bottle left. For dinner tonight I had a bottle of the Santa Duc les Plans and omg it was superb, will definitely have this one again. I am really enjoying the experience of what each delivery holds and so far it’s been brilliant. Great wines and great variety. I think I will be sticking with this when my third month is up. Well done guys

Tom Tierney

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