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"Nobody ever buys me wine"

My first boss in the wine industry would say that anytime a customer came in buying a present and besides from the €3 bottle I presented him one year for Christmas, I would imagine it was true.


For those of us lucky enough to work in this business, it’s just a part of every birthday/ Christmas. I don’t think I’ve ever been given a bottle (no, that’s not a hint), but you wouldn’t believe the amount of wine nick-nacks I’ve accumulated.


Whether it’s some gadget that “opens a bottle in one easy pull” or a gizmo that’s suspended two feet above the glass to help a wine breath. If the goal was half in the glass and half on the table, it was a roaring success.


All of that was to say that I’ve decided to write up my definitive “Best gifts for a wine lover”!


  1. Coravin

 The only wine gadget I’ve gotten that has warranted more than just a mandatory “Oh that’s really cool. Thank you so much”. Honestly, one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. If your friend or family member is doing any kind of tasting this really is a must-have.

Being able to taste multiple bottles in one night without worrying about the waste is a lifesaver.



  1. Decanters

 Another must have for any wine lover that we just don’t like to buy for ourselves. Not only does a good decanter make for a wonderful table centrepiece but it serves an important function too!

For me, there are two reasons to have a decanter in the press at home. Firstly, some wines throw sediment (Have lots of bits) and a decanter is, simply, the only way to truly enjoy some fantastic wines. Secondly, it’s quite simple, I’m impatient. We should all let every wine breath before drinking but like most people I sit down after a long day and the thought of waiting for wine is unthinkable. By decanting, we expand the surface area of the wine that is exposed to the air allowing for it to breath (and me to drink) quicker.



  1. A Box of Wine Subscription

 Come on, you’re on my site. I couldn’t resist the plug!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are creatures of habit and, unfortunately, that means that even the biggest lovers of wine get bogged down in the same bottle they’ve had time and time again. Like that movie you want to watch but that episode of friends is on!

The best gift is something new every month that gives us wine lovers that chance to step outside our comfort zones.


It may not have sounded like it at times, but I appreciate all of the presents that I’ve been given. I just think when it comes to gifts for a loved one, let’s not try to outsmart the problem. I can guarantee that any one of these will garner more than that horribly passive thanks that we all hate to hear.


Kind regards and Drink up,



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