The Wineport Box by BoxofWine -

The Wineport Box by BoxofWine

A few months back, following our very successful first few months in business, we were contacted by renowned hotelier Ray Byrne who opened the Wineport Lodge in 1993 along with his wife Jane and has had various hotels and restaurants in Ireland ever since. 


Ray said that he had been following us, loves our wine subscription and would be interested in a collaboration! Needless to say we were excited by the prospect.


Following months of back and forth and more late nights than I care to mention, the Wineport Lodge by BoxofWine box was born.


Every month our subscribers will receive three wines direct to their door (two reds and a white) that are selected by myself and Wineport Lodge Sommelier Kash. All of the wines are from small family run vineyard plots that showcase the gems of lesser known places that place an emphasis on sustainable agriculture and organic practices.


Our aim, as always, is to bring you wines that you wouldn’t normally drink. But with this box our subscribers will be taking a trip with us from port to port without having to leave the comfort of their couch.


And, of course, all of our boxes include information about the wines, tasting notes and pairing suggestions. All without the usual pretentious nonsense! 


The first stop: South of France!


Kind regards and drink up,



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