Our story

Introducing Ireland’s first “tailored to your taste” wine subscription company. 

 Box of Wine was founded in 2020 by Conor Duggan, Neil O’Reilly & Conor Mulligan who have a combined 25 years of drinking wine and 30+ years working in hospitality, all while still under 30!

 Our aim is to create a brand new way of enjoying wine at home. We want to make the world of wine a less intimidating place, to expand your palate and to introduce fantastic, great value wine you won’t find in your local supermarket.

 We certainly aren’t the first wine subscription service and we definitely won’t be the last but we hope to be your last one.

 At Box of Wine we know how important simple descriptions are. We believe you shouldn’t need several languages, a degree in geology and a basic understanding of the solar system to know what's going on in our little bottles of happiness.

 By taking our quiz you’ll receive a box of wine tailored to your taste.  Each bottle arrives with a handy tasting card, describing the wine, the grape and the region it comes from, along with food pairing suggestions. You get a clear idea of what to expect. No waffle!

 As a new, young Irish company we appreciate your support. Most of all we hope you enjoy discovering new, different wines as much as we’ve enjoyed finding them for you!